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with beautiful Nicole Procyk

By: Vikki Lenola

Beach photography: Mark Yaamon

Black and white Photography: Jim Hagen 

How do you stay in shape? What’s your secret to a shapely booty?! I have been athletic all my life doing dance classes, weight lifting and running so that has definitely helped me ultimately! I still try to stay active with dancing and the gym even though it’s been hard with covid and an injury I’m recovering from. I also try to eat low carb with a lot of fruits and vegetables regularly! For the booty, I’ve always had one since I was a little and hated it back then! People in junior school used to call me “bubble butt”. But heavy lifting (squats and deadlifts) has helped me shape my booty and make it rounder and higher for sure! So eat clean and lift!

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Great advice. What are your favourite plant-based meals and desserts? I’m not sure at the top of my head, because I usually go through obsessions of finding new vegan treats. I just found this spot in Toronto with vegan “mac and cheese” made from cashews with mushrooms and it’s soooo good! Also, they had a vegan hot chocolate with coconut milk and whip cream! These are definitely cheat-day items but totally worth it!

How important is it for a man to know how to cook? I don’t really care to be honest. I’m super chill. I just accept loyalty and a fun individual! That is already hard enough to find and other skills like cooking can be taught and learned!

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When a guy is lucky enough to have caught your attention but then does something to annoy you, how can he make it right? He can just take accountability for his actions and actually try to understand where I’m coming from and why I’m annoyed. This sounds like simple common sense but most people aren’t willing to understand where you’re coming from and often that’s all they need sometimes.

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You’ve taken stunning images over the years. What tips do you have for new models in terms of working with photographers and posing to get the best images? The advice I received closer to the beginning of my modelling career was “create angles and shapes” with your body; this is key to strong poses. Also, another one that stuck with me once was “if it feels uncomfortable, it probably looks good”. This is another true statement because often the poses that feel the most uncomfortable and awkward are the ones that look the best on paper!

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What’s one of your most memorable experiences in your modelling career? Did you always know you’d want to model? One of the most memorable experiences in my modelling career was travelling to the Philippines with Bikiniteam TV! I got to meet amazing talent, take beautiful pictures, swim with whale sharks and have the experience of a friggin’ lifetime! I can’t wait to travel the world and shoot again once Covid ends! And I never thought I’d be a model, it happened by accident. I was training a lot for acting and needed headshots and started doing some promotional modelling gigs. I needed to get more professional photos for gigs so I joined some sites with talent and photographers. I did a few photoshoots and I never stopped since! I fell in love with modelling by accident!

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What have you been doing to keep busy during the pandemic? I actually enrolled in a Domestic Violence course just to help educate myself on mental health so I can use it as a tool to help others in the future. I love raising awareness about mental health but felt like I needed to educate myself more so I could actually have qualifications to show for. I’ve also been doing a lot of live streaming which is super fun.

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Where do you see yourself in 10 years from now in terms of career, family, location, etc.? Thinking too far into the future gives me anxiety since things can change so suddenly. But I’d hope to start a family, be more successful in modelling, have done something for mental health and ideally would like to live in a warmer destination! Also, by that point, I want to have travelled most of the world!

How can our readers follow your adventures?

Instagram: @nicoleprocyk

Twitter: @nicoleprocyk

Bigo: @nixinthesix

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