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with Liliya Nilova

This issue we’ve got a truly special treat for you guys as we get candid with an exotic and extremely popular beauty, Liliya Nilova. Inside Liliya shares news on her recent travels, her social media experience and her dreams and visions for the future, take a look!

Photographer & Producer Mila Zvereva / @mila_zvereva

Stylist Hannah Kerri Viselli / @hannahkerrri

Stylist Assistant Christina Corso / @christina_corso

Makeup by Jordann Aguon / @jordannaguonmakeup

Hairstylist Olya Banar / @hairbyolya

Backstage video: Maksud Sharipov @maksud_sharipov

Producer Assistant: Casey @j0lkina

Photography assistant: Amelia Lovchuk @amelilovchuk

Location: Invisible House @theinvisiblehouse

Coordination: Emily Blair Marcus of Emily Blair Media / @emilyblairmarcus / @emilyblairmedia 

Welcome Liliya and thank you for taking the time to sit with us. Well, let’s get started with a short summary of yourself, could you tell our readers a little more about where you’re from, where you live now and what are a few of the things you love doing for fun? I’m originally a Russian girl. I’m currently living in Los Angeles. Moved here 4 years ago. I was looking for a place with amazing weather during the year and good infrastructure so when I’ve been to Los Angeles for the first time I fall in love with all the amazing things we do have here like Ocean, 330 sunny days per year, mountains, hills, beautiful nature, nice people so I’ve decided to stay here. I love being outside and exploring national parks and hike trails, doing yoga somewhere in a park, going to the beach and dance on a silent disco, meditate and spend time with my friends. They think I’m an amazing cook so usually, I’m making a lot of delicious food like crepes with osetra caviar, Russian salads and other dishes. Also, I love short trips for 3-4 days to New York City, Miami or Las Vegas with my friends. Usually, I call it a “workation” like a mix of “work” and “vacation”. I’m working online not attached to any place so I like to change the places.

Wow, you are extremely popular on Instagram, last we checked you had over 1,2m followers. How would you say your experience as a social media influencer has been so far? I’ve been doing Instagram blogging since 2014 and I’ve got one very strong superpower. I have a Degree in Marketing and Strategic Management and great experience working with other brands and social media influencers. I do have a professional blog about social media marketing @popartmarketing (1.6m followers), I’m doing marketing consulting and online education for entrepreneurs. So I’m like a Gary Vaynerchuck but in Russia. That’s why I’m doing my personal blog just for fun. I love the idea of sharing my values of well-being and financial stability, doing charity, traveling across the world, exploring new places, integrating different cultures etc.

On the topic of Insta, you have pictures of yourself in places all across the world. Could you tell us about some of the places you’ve been to and how the different cultures have influenced your own personality? I’m travel addicted. Literally. I’ve been to 38 countries and I won’t stop. In the last couple of years, I’ve started exploring Africa and I fall in love with it. I love wild nature all the game drives, watching the animals, tracking the predators, doing horse back riding around a group of rhinos. Just imagine you’re on a Safari car looking for something special and you never know would you meet a couple of leopards eating the kill or just nobody. It’s like a meditation in motion. Also, I’m doing a lot of charity for rhinos, elephants, giraffes and other animals. Trying to help rescue them from cruelty. And charity for school building across Africa so it’s a personal thing for me to see them in real life and feel the connection.

Could you tell us more about how your modeling journey has been so far and what have been some of the highlights of your career? Fun fact. I was overweight since I was a kid till 26. I was around 250lb (120kg). So I’ve started as a plus-size model and it was just a hobby. I tried to accept my body and appearance so doing modeling and posing was a challenge for me but it worked great. Then I’ve lost half of my weight, moved to Los Angeles and started doing modeling as a regular model. I love creative photoshoots. Like a nighttime photo shoot at the middle of Time Square with fancy dress, a burger and a homeless guy. That was a spectacular photoshoot. This Playboy photoshoot is on my highlights list too. I’ve never been totally naked, laying on rocks or posing around 10 or more people. I was really shy about it at the beginning but then I’ve understood that I’m professional and we all here just for creating something special. So I’ve relaxed and just did my best.

We must say, you’re a gorgeous woman, we’re sure you hear that all the time. What are some of the worst or funniest, and best pick-up lines you’ve ever gotten? Usually, guys are trying to impress me and started speaking Russian. Usually, it sounds really funny and not sexy at all. And the best pick-up line is to say something funny or ask a question which is matters. Like one of Arthur Aaron’s 36 questions. Cause I like men with a good sense of humor and with whom I can have a really deep conversation. Dick pics are good though. LOL.

If you don’t mind us asking, is there a lucky guy in your life and could you tell us more about him, also, if not, for all the eligible bachelors out there who’d like to know, what do you look for in a man? I’m not looking for anything or anybody. I think that every person is whole and complete. So I’m just enjoying my life and would love to share some cool experiences and communicate with people with the same vibes, who care about themselves and our planet, have good sense of humor, who is active, spiritual and loving life. Good physical and mental health is a prerequisite.

In a world of social distancing and the growth of social media more and more people are dating online. Do you have any tips for us guys looking to slide into our crush’s DMs? Don’t try to impress. Just be yourself or the best version of yourself but sincere and true. It always obvious when you’re pretending to be someone you’re not. So just breathe in. Breathe out. And write your own best pick-up line. I bet it will work the best.

On the topic of crush, now or growing up, who was or is your biggest celebrity crush and if you could go out on one date with them where would you go and what would you do?cOMG! I was in love with Colin Farrell. And a couple of years ago I’ve met him in a spa place here in Los Angeles. He was there with his girlfriend. But we’ve spent 10 minutes in a common steam room together, so now I can tell that I’ve seen naked Colin Farrell. My other celebrity crush was Justin Timberlake. So I’ve asked him to come to my place and taste my famous crepes. It’s my secret weapon. Or asking him to go to Kenya with me. To kiss giraffes. That’s the best thing I’ve ever done.

We’re still so impressed by your social media presence. For all the hopeful models out there, what advice would you give them on growing their audience and brand? Now the most important thing is being true to your audience and being unique. It’s a lot of instruments to grow your social media presence like viral videos on Instagram reels, recommendation section, collaboration with other influencers. It’s getting more and more competitive so it’s not enough just being a beautiful face or nice butt. It’s more about who you are. Your personality, your values, your interests. So it’s important to learn more about social media marketing and psychology to understand your audience and their needs better.

We love your IG photos with the rhinos and giraffes… can you tell us where you traveled to and what your experience was like? All the photos with animals are from different parts of Africa. I’ve been to Kenya, Rwanda and Zambia last month. We were traveling with my mom there. I was flying on a micro-light, sitting in the middle of Victoria falls, tracking mountain gorillas and kissing giraffes. That was spectacular. Hope to come back to Africa soon again.

Traveling seems to be a passion of yours. Where are some of the places you still want to visit when all this lockdown business is over? I’ve never been to Australia and New Zealand. It was on my plan for 2020 but Lockdown started. So hope to visit you guys as soon as borders are open. I want to see kangaroos and all the hikes, beautiful nature and amazing architecture. Also, I want to explore Japan and Singapore.

You’ve come a long way in your career so far. In an ideal world, what are some of your dreams and where do you see yourself in the next 5 to 10 years in terms of long-term goals? I want to do more charity and probably build my own boutique hotel somewhere in Africa. Or retirement center where you have good care and a lot of activities like yoga, art classes, dances and animal Safaries. The place where you can enjoy your life even if you’re not 30 anymore.

Can you believe we’re almost halfway through the year already, are you working on any new and exciting projects at the moment and could you tell us more about that? My new project idea is pretty kinky but I want to share it with you guys. I want to create a female-oriented adult video production. Cause now almost all the content is created for men. Men’s interests, men’s needs, their fantasies. And almost nothing for women. So I want to change it. And create something Really unique based on my marketing and social media experience, using all my psychology skills and knowledge. It’s gonna be adult videos with the Stanislavski acting approach.

Well thank you Liliya, it’s been an absolute pleasure having you. Do you have any last words for our readers and more importantly where can they follow you on social media? Life is to short to wait. So enjoy every minute. Follow me on Instagram @liliya.Nilova and @lily.aspen let’s keep in touch!