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The Queen of Sultry


with Imogen Lovell

Photography by Rocky Batchelor

This July is going to be a special one as we reacquaint ourselves with one of the sexiest women on the planet, Imogen Lovell. With her passionate stare that can woo any man, long, blonde, almost golden hair, and a body built like a goddess, it’s easy to see why people just can’t seem to get enough of her. Don’t be fooled by her sweet and innocent allure though, Imogen is no stranger to the modeling scene and has appeared across a large list of some of the most famous magazine covers in the world solidifying her career as a recognized international model. Now, Imogen is here, once again proving why she’s the queen of sultry!

Greetings Imogen, it’s awesome to be speaking with you, for the readers that may not already know, could you tell us a little bit about yourself, where you’re originally from, where you’re living now, and what got you started on your modeling path? Hey hey, thank you for once again letting me grace the iconic Playboy magazine I’m very blessed, to say the least! Ok so a little bit about me… where do I even begin without spilling too much or getting myself into a bit of trouble hehe. So I’ll begin and end with if you’re watching you already know and if you’re not watching then get watching because you’re missing out and that’s a fact, long story short I’m just the girl next door kind of vibe born on the Gold Coast, Australia and currently back living here after living between here and Melbourne for the past ten years. Modeling is life and is what I do best. That’s why I started.

So, it’s no secret that you’re a veteran in the modeling game, what would you say have been some of the highs and possible lows of your career so far? So many to tell but to name a few highs, definitely when Hugh Hefner would throw his amazing Halloween parties at the mansion. It was on a whole other level! parties are never going to be the same as they were back in those days! A low would be when I actually flew over to LA for Playboy Golf and went out clubbing the night before the whole event started and ended up in hospital as my drink had been spiked. I will always remember that trip as I ended up so sick and in quarantine when I landed for a few hours before I was allowed to be home safe and sound. Such a disaster! 

You’re such a natural beauty that you make modeling look easy but as with every career, there are always challenges. What advice would you give to the girls that you inspire and who are hoping to follow in your path? I would definitely preach to all the girlies out there to always be your own boss! You are the decision-maker when it comes to your body and mentality, you make the rules! This is your world and we’re just living in it. Another important thing is networking, if you know the vibe you know the vibe. 

On the topic of inspiring others, who would you say has been your role model in both your life and career? My role model in the modeling industry would have to be Marilyn Monroe, she was just a boss in all aspects of her life and career and is a constant reminder to me to do whatever the f*ck I want.

When you’re not working your magic in front of the camera what are some of the things you absolutely love doing for fun? I love ‘me time’ sitting there in bed with Netflix and lollies as sugar is my all-time biggest weakness yum!

It’s a bit of a personal question but what would you say is your favorite part of your body and why? My moody eyes, because they’re changing colors hourly, daily, weekly they go from all types of light and dark blues to green with yellow specs through them I never know what I going to wake up with the next day! 

Wow, you’re Insta’famous, and all your pictures look so professional. Do you travel a lot and what are some of the best places you’ve got to visit during your career? I travel too much I would usually say but COVID has stopped that for us all at the minute. I use to die to just sit at home doing nothing but never had a second to do so, now that I get more than a second to I literally can’t wait to leave. But the best places I’ve visited would have to be Cancun my all-time favorite, Miami, New York and can’t not say the Greek islands but on a smaller scale, I also loved living in the Philippines. It was really cool place to experience with friends.

So, July is your birthday month, let us be the first to offer you our best wishes Imogen. Have you got anything special planned for the 7th to celebrate the occasion? I’ve left this all in the hands of my baby brother Cooper and my partner they both are up to no good all the surprises but it’s pretty funny when my partner can’t keep a secret and keeps letting loose of what he has got in store for the big event hehe but you will all have to wait and watch I’m sure it will be posted all over social media no doubt! 

Here’s a question most men are thinking, and that’s is there a special someone in your life at the moment and if not, what qualities do you look for in a potential partner? Funny, I recently do have a man in my life and he’s been ticking all my boxes! I love a man who’s a boss. Who knows what needs to be done and gets the job done and just takes the lead as I am to all over the place and hate making decisions about anything and everything so he balances me out! But other green flags for me are men who are sure of themselves and not crazy coz I’m crazy enough! 

You’ve already achieved so much at such a young age, what personal qualities would you say got you to where you are today? I’d have to put it down to my personality I feel like everyone who sees me on the interest (social media) judge me and instantly think I’m going to be completely opposite to who I truly am which is a down-to-earth happy go lucky bubble of energy.

Have you got any new and exciting projects at the moment and could you tell us more about that? I have very exciting projects in the works at the moment but you will all have to wait and see!

Thanks for taking the time out of your busy schedule to speak to us Imogen, do you have any last words for our readers and more importantly, where can they follow you online? Snapchat: @iimogenlovell / Twitter: @imogen_lovell or FB: @imogenlovelll. For exclusive content check the link in my Instagram bio… x

Want to see more of Imogen? Then follow her adventures on Instagram @imogen.lovell for all her latest content and story updates!

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