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with Tasha Wood / _tashawood_

Hair & Makeup by @Tashawoodbeauty 

Nails by @getpolishednailboutique 

Photography by Rocky Batchelor

This month we get candid with an amazingly talented, and drop-dead gorgeous Tasha Wood. Here, she shares more about who she is, what she loves to do for fun, what she looks for in a guy and where she finds the inspiration to build her business empire! Take a look.

Hi Tasha, thanks for taking the time to talk to us. Firstly, you look amazing. Could you tell our readers a little bit about yourself, where you’re from, and what you love to do for fun when you’re not working? Hi, thanks so much! I’m so excited to be on the cover this month, normally I’m working behind the scenes glamming the models. I’m a professional dancer and also teach various styles at KM Studios. I have my own Makeup & Lash Artistry business on the Gold Coast where I’ve been living for about 12 years after moving up from Sydney. For fun I love to catch up with my gals for some dinner and drinks… maybe a cheeky dance out afterwards! I also dance most nights of the week when I’m not teaching and love to fit in a pole dancing class where I can! 

It’s sexy to see a gorgeous and strong woman making big moves. Could you tell us more about your beauty business Tasha Wood Beauty and what made you decide to go into business? Aw, thank you! I’ve always had a strong interest in makeup and everything beauty, my family always encouraged me to do something I loved for work and makeup was definitely a passion along with dancing! I love to make people feel good and confident about themselves which both my jobs do. I love having control of how I run my business and the service I can provide to clients which is why I choose to work for myself.   

You’re dripping with sex appeal and you’re a dance teacher, that’s hot. Most of your dance revolves around Commercial Jazz, dancing in heels, and twerking. Could you share what it’s like to work as a teacher for KM Studios and what are some of your plans to expand your own business in the future? You’re too sweet, I definitely have a pretty good job! I love that the studio is about empowering people, making them feel sexy, and expressing that in a safe space with no judgment! Kristie our owner is amazing, she’s always inspired us to grow and develop our skills. I’m pretty happy working under KM Studios right now but you never know what the future may hold! 

What inspires your creativity and who are some of your role models in the industry? To be honest, some days are good and some days are bad, but when I’m feeling happy, confident, and in the zone, I’m definitely at my creative peak. I have a relaxing spot by the water overlooking the Surfers Paradise skyline that I love to sit at and work or just chill out at and reset, that place helps me have a clear mind to find my inspiration. Running a business isn’t easy, I think it’s important to keep it real! I live by the line ‘Everything happens for a reason, good and bad’ there’s a lesson behind everything. As for role models, I am impressed by people who are true to themselves and show kindness to others. 

Being good-looking, do you ever get random texts in your inbox and how do you respond to those random messages or do you just do the usual and ignore them? I do, I’m guilty of checking out a profile and if they’re my type I’ll definitely reply! If they sound a bit creepy then they’ll get the block and delete.  

Another random question, have you ever sent a direct message to a guy and how did they respond? Honestly, I’m really not that forward when it comes to messaging first, I’m definitely the type of girl you need to message first. Maybe something to work on for 2022 haha!

It’s no secret, gorgeous girls get all the attention. What are some of the best, and worst dates you’ve been on, and if you could arrange an ideal date, what would it be and where? Yesss, we love a bit of attention but only from the right person! The best date I’ve been on would’ve been with this lovely guy, he was very romantic and chivalrous. It was like I didn’t need to ask he already knew. The worst date was with this guy that talked about himself the entire time, don’t get me wrong I’d love to hear about your life but I’d want you to also be interested in me and what I do! My ideal date would be anything that has effort behind it, surprise me with a cute lookout or picnic on the beach! It doesn’t need to be expensive, effort over money! 

Speaking of guys, do you have a type. Do you prefer the clever nerdy guy or are you more into the rough bad boy type of guy? I mean I don’t mind either, I probably lean towards the bad boy type! So long as I’m physically attracted to them and they are respectful, caring, and loving I’m happy! I would want to be with someone that gives as much to me as I do to them. Can we get a mix between both haha? 

Do you have a celebrity crush or has that become to cliche? Oh Michael B Jordan, that man is fineeee AF.

Dating has become very hard with Covid and social distancing. Do you think guys sending random DMs is an acceptable way to find a partner online is the good old-fashioned meet-cute still the best way to find real romance? I don’t think real romance is dead yet, Covid’s an obstacle for sure but there’s ways around it! 

You got some really spectacular pictures on Instagram, looks like you travel a lot. What are some of the best places you’ve been to and what is your most memorable travel moment? Definitely, both Dubai and Bali were a highlight for me, Dubai was crazy no building is the same. Bali was also really fun and adventurous, most of my traveling was from when I was younger. I’d love to do some more trips in the next few years with my friends and experience more amazing places! I definitely want to visit Greece, Maldives, Japan and New York just to name a few!

Where can our readers get more information about your beauty services, to book dance classes, or to keep up with your latest news and upcoming events? My business Instagram for Makeup & Lashes is @tashawoodbeauty, all bookings can be made easily online otherwise for non-business content you can find me @_tashawood_ and on Tiktok @tasha_wood_. KM Studios can also be booked online via their Instagram @_KMstudios with various classes and teachers to choose from!

If you have any last words we’d love you to share, otherwise, it was a real pleasure speaking to you and we hope to see you again… Thank you so much, it’s been a pleasure chatting to you! I hope to see you all again! 

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