It’s a universal rule that everything feels at least five percent better naked, including eating. Have you ever tried it? Go ahead. Strip down for dinner tonight and go to town on some chicken française, or maybe a bowl of bibimbap. Really, you can eat just about anything and the effect will be the same. Just as you have a little more pep in your step while waltzing around your apartment in the buff, food tastes a tad more delicious when you’re freed from the confines of clothing.

Of course, when it comes to places where you can actually eat in your birthday suit, you’re pretty much limited to your own private residence. But that’s about to change, provided you can swing a trip to France: Paris just got its very first nudist-friendly restaurant, according to Eater. The eatery, which is called O’naturel, also appears to be among the first of its kind in the world.

France is already home to a relatively robust nudist population. Approximately 2.6 million citizens either count themselves as part-time or full-time nudists, per The Local, so it isn’t surprising that O’naturel set up shop near Paris’s Bois de Vincennes park, which was recently deemed an official nudist area. The 40-seat restaurant kicked off last week with a special dinner for members of the Association des Naturistes de Paris, and is now open to all customers.

The restaurant is shrouded with thick, black curtains to protect patrons’ privacy and includes a “cloakroom” for guests to remove their clothes before enjoying their evening. After that, it’s pretty much business as usual, except with 100 percent more genitalia: Nosh on fare like duck foie gras with apple and pear chutney, escargot with garlic cream and mashed parsley, and breaded barley risotto with a vegetable broth and mushrooms, starting at 32 euros

At least you won’t have to worry about spilling anything on your pants.