Is there a reason for Dolce & Gabbana to enter the pasta business? No. A thousand times no. Probably a few more thousand times after that for good measure. The Italian company does just fine as a luxury fashion brand for fancy people, but that hasn’t stopped the dreamers there from branching out into other, more curious pursuits, such as over-the-top toasters, juicers, coffee machines and other kitchen appliances.

So just like D&G blenders, the company’s latest idea is bound to appeal to people who will buy just about anything if it carries a certain cachet. The company recently announced that it has partnered with Italian pasta maker Pastificio G. di Martino on an extremely limited edition tin of pastas, including spaghetti, paccheri, misa corta and penne mezzani rigate.

Would it comfort you to know that D&G’s designers have chosen to stay out of the kitchen and let the pasta makers handle the actual pasta? Where the fashion house comes in is the packaging—featuring colorful Italian hallmarks like Milan’s Duomo and Rome’s Colosseum, as well as a red-clad brunette with a heaping plate of noodles in her hands—and the apron that’s included in the tin, which shares some of the same illustrations and reads, “La Famiglia, La Pasta, e L’Italia!” (“Family, Pasta and Italy!”).

The two companies have produced only 5,000 tins, but if you want to get your hands on one, you’ll have to either hit up a Pasta Di Martino store in Naples and Bologna, snag one at Buon’Italia in NYC’s Chelsea Market or hurry to the partnership’s website on November 15, when the tins will be available for purchase online. Be prepared to plunk down 95 euros (approximately $110) on some dried pasta, by the way.

If you’d rather hold out to see what other collaborations D&G and di Martino have cooking, stay tuned; this is the first joint project in a two-year partnership between the brands, per Bloomberg. Embroidered ladles and colanders, anyone?