Model/Blogger Sarah Loven on Love, Sexiness and Mayhem

By Team

Sarah Loven is a free spirit who’s made a career out of her passion for travel, or as she fondly refers to it, wanderlust. Her highly successful blog Ready Gypset Go is a vibrant mix of accounts of adventure, ethereal style shots, and lighthearted musings, documenting the permanent road trip that is her life. Here, Loven gets frisky in fishnets, shot by her partner in crime Joshua Mark, and talks what motivates and moves her.

What makes you feel sexy?
I’m totally visually inspired, so I love getting to model looks that I find sexy. I feel the sexiest when I get to dress in a way that makes me feel confident. I’m such a busy person with work, when I’m not working, I’m just a homebody. So when I get dolled up to go out, and get a couple drinks in me, I love getting to be social and let my daily worries fade away. Every girl needs to explore her sexy self through her personal style, I think!

What most inspires you and your blog?
My inspiration comes from every angle! I was raised in an artistic family, so being inspired by the world is really my way of life. It changes often, depending on what culture I’m around, or what part of the world I want to be in, from movies to writing to the fashion industry to arts and history. Right now, I’m so into the ‘60s era- the art and the fashion. The french Mod and Beatnik culture. It’s coming out in the way I dress, and my style of photography!

What’s the wildest adventure you’ve had on the road?
Fall 2016, we decided to be crazy and drive our 31-foot vintage Airstream up the California coast on Highway 1 to get to Big Sur. It was also the middle of the night, storm El Nino was raging, and parts of the narrow two-lane cliff drive were closed to construction. Need I say more? [Laughs] It was terrifying and probably the worst idea we’ve ever had. But made for an epic road trip tale to share with people – and a near crash experience to make me really appreciate my life!

What’s the best way a dude could approach you?
I’ve always been really turned off by guys that approach me with a cocky pickup line or a compliment on my appearance. Honestly, I think the best approach is to just start a genuine conversation! Talk about something that’s happening around you. Be fun and outgoing. I’ve always noticed that guys either think a girl will make the move if she’s interested (which she probably won’t), or that they their self should over compensate with too much confidence. Neither of those approaches will lead to anything besides an awkward exchange. So just be real, and be the gentleman who does the approaching. I’d be much more open to chatting if I didn’t feel like I was trying to be “achieved” or something!

What’s your guilty pleasure?
Currently, binging on The Walking Dead until 2 am. I know, I’m late to the party! I’m on Season 6 and I only started the show three weeks ago! I need my nightly dose of Daryl Dixon.

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