Sweet and Mysterious – Jackie Dawn

Brunette stunner Jackie Dawn has an appeal that is both sweet and mysterious, which is what intrigued us most about her. Born and raised in Los Angeles, Jackie made her first Playboy debut in 2012 and from there her modeling career has taken off. In her free time, the Asian and East Indian beauty raises plants and reads fiction. We sat down with Jackie to learn more about her life as a model and a few things (most) people wouldn’t know about her.

“I think Playboy is elegant and sexy. When I’m older I want to be able to look back at these pictures and see what I looked like when I was younger.” – Jackie Dawn

Describe yourself in three words.

I would describe myself as Compassionate, ambitious, intuitive

Were you excited to shoot for Playboy?

I was excited to shoot for playboy because I love the idea of celebrating women, femininity, and beauty – inside and out.

What was it like starting out as a model?

Modeling can be a fun experience that takes you to exciting places. You meet interesting people you can learn a lot from. I’ve met some of my best friends this way and feel lucky we’ve formed a bond where we love each other like sisters.

What would you consider to be your biggest challenge as a model so far?

One of the biggest challenges as a model is dealing with criticism. You learn to develop a thick skin and hope most of it is meant to be constructive 🙂 you won’t be for everyone and that’s ok.

Describe your perfect day off when you are not modelling?

My perfect day off is waking up slowly with a strong coffee and my favorite music playing. (Right now Alina Baraz is at the top of my playlist) I like to do a Pilates class at Carrie’s Pilates Plus when I’m in LA and then meet my gfs for lunch. Then home to write, or read, or watch Netflix until fun plans for the evening unfold 🙂

Do you feel more like a city person or a country person?

I feel like I’m more of a city person. I like that you can feel the pulse of a city like LA or New York. There are all walks of people and places around you to be inspired by.

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?

There’s no where in the world I would rather live than in Los Angeles where all of the people I love are.

Do you have a secret talent?

I secretly love to sing!

A guilty pleasure?

Dark chocolate truffles are my weakness!

Which song is absolutely certain to make you cry whenever you hear it?

If there was a song that could make me cry it would be Eva Cassidy’s version of Sting’s “Fields of Gold”. It sounds like a beautiful love story. Somehow in the song you feel a sense of time and longing, knowing that sadly this love story must end.

What is your favourite word in any language and what does it mean?

My favorite word in any language is “love” – meaning “an intense feeling of deep affection.”

Any last words you would like to share with the readers?

The last words I’d like to share with readers is to dare to dream. The person that can give you anything you wish for, is you.

Photography: Carlos Nunez