Playfully Charming

Ashton Avenue / @ashton00avenue

Photography by Rosanna Faraci


Wow, Ashton, you always look so amazing! It’s an absolute pleasure having you! How does it feel being named the official first face of the new brand Get Lei’d? Thank you for having me! And it’s an honor to be named the first face of ‘Get Lei’d.’ I’m genuinely obsessed with coconut oil and used to buy jars of it before I came across Get Lei’d! I was so shocked when I was asked but I guess it makes sense since I pretty much bathe in it daily. Haha.

For those readers that don’t already know, could you tell us a bit about yourself and how your journey not only as a model but also being an entertainer in the adult industry? Sure! I’m a multi-award-winning dancer/showgirl from Perth Western Australia but now call Melbourne, Victoria home. I’ve spent just over the last 10 years in the Australian adult industry and tour around Australia featuring at clubs so I can have a working holiday! I use the modeling to compliment and promote myself and I really enjoy entertaining and meeting new people plus I get to hang around so many beautiful talented women.

What is it that you like about the brand? I really like how Get Lei’d is so inclusive and supports all women plus it’s such a premium product my skin hasn’t felt better as I mentioned earlier, I’m absolutely obsessed with oil, and this oil is next level. I mean oil is everything, but I’ve never smelt coconut oil like that. It’s also refreshing to see a brand embrace everyone. Unfortunately, a lot of the time that can exclude people in my industry. Get Lei’d never had a problem with me being a stripper or being in the adult industry, (mind you I’m not just any stripper I was stripper of the year haha). They loved me as a person and it was definitely refreshing.

Cover shoot is hot.. how was shooting this cover and spread? We had to compromise a little given the Covid restrictions, so being nude on a beach wasn’t really an option lol, so we will just have to save that for the next one, but I felt like a little princess. Being surrounded much so many rose petals was stunning, they really put so much effort into this shoot for me.

As an entertainer, it’s always great to be recognized for your hard work, what are some of the highlights and best moments of your career? I’m a two times Miss Erotica Australia, miss exotic angels Australia and Australian adult industry award best female stripper, and 2 x best xxx showgirl winner to name a few. The best moments would be anytime I get to tour with my crew we always have so much fun.

Penthouse, sounds very sexy… could you tell us about your personal experience as an award-winning model and do you find that society judges you for your career choices? Haha, it was! My first ever nude magazine shoot. I wanted my debut to be on the cover of Penthouse and I waited so long! But good things come to those who wait! Yes, I think some people do judge, but honestly, as long as my family and my friends are cool with me, I’m sweet. I’m not hurting anyone, and I truly enjoy what I do.

You post some of the most interesting pictures on Instagram. Very creative! Where do you get your inspiration? Thank you! I feel like it’s a team effort between myself and the photographer. I might see an outfit that inspires me or a location and we kind of flow from there. I find I accidentally wing it a lot too and some of my favorite shots are just that! In saying that, I like to put a lot of effort into my photoshoots, keep them different from what I’ve done before and always try and do better than last time.

Speaking of IG, in a world of social distancing, is social media the new way to find hook-ups or a soul mate? Hmmm, I personally only use social media for work but sure, gotta go with the times I guess haha I’ve met loads of dancers and other industry friends via social media but yeah I like using social media as it’s a great way to self-promote me for work and stay in contact with people for when I tour around dancing around the countryside.

If you could work with any international celebrity who would it be, and why? I guess it would have to be photographers, always looking to step up my promotional material.

In your opinion, can money buy happiness, or is it more about self-awareness and enlightenment? I think money can give you the freedom to find and do what brings you and those around you joy.

Money makes the world go round, if you had a million bucks and only 48 hours to blow it what would you spend it on? My family and friends and whatever would make them happy, honestly, nothing makes me happier than making those around me smile. I love birthdays! And making people I love feeling special.

Are you working on any new projects at the moment, and could you tell us more about that? Just quietly keeping to myself in Covid, I just got new implants, and this is my first shoot with them! And I look forward to shooting more and getting back to my hometown and seeing my family. Plus planning a couple of girl’s trips with the crew too!

Where can our readers follow you to keep up with your latest news and events? Best place to find me and all my socials is my website

Well, that was awesome Ashton, thanks for taking the time to speak with us. Stay beautiful as always and we hope to see you again in the future… Same! Thank you for having me.

“Nothing makes me happier than making those around me smile.”