Heating Up With Harry Jowsey

The Australian hunk dishes all on Valentine’s Day

Photos courtesy of Unruly Agency

Harry Jowsey rose to global stardom following the success of his Netflix series Too Hot To Handle, and since then, he’s shown no signs of slowing down. The Australia native – hailing from the coastal gem of Yeppoon – truly melts hearts from his homeland of the Gold Coast, all the way to the West Coast where he currently resides as his career soars to new heights in 2022. Throughout this various endeavors – his podcast Tap In, dating app Lolly and his flirtations with Khloe Kardashian – at the forefront of Jowsey’s brand is his commitment to creating open-minded conversations about all things love and laughter. So it’s only fitting that the hunky and hilarious, bodacious yet brazen Bachelor sat down with Playboy Australia ahead of Valentine’s Day to peel back the curtain behind his biggest turn-ons, tricks for the most romantic day, and why he’s intentionally dating this year.

Most romantic way you’ve spent Valentine’s Day?Never done Valentine’s Day before with anyone.  This year is the first year I will be doing that and looking forward to it. 

Tips and tricks for the hottest Valentine’s Day yet?I think you should be thoughtful about the whole process.  Not just do dinner but think beyond the evening.  Set up your place in advance, maybe buy some new toys, lower the lights, have candles ready to go, create your mood so after dinner, the romance is seamless.  

Favorite gift ideas for Valentine’s Day?Small things that are thoughtful that last forever.  Flowers are always a staple but love the idea of gifting something that they can keep and when they see it they always think about you. 

What’s your love language?Easy. They are both quality time and physical touch.  I value time spent with someone that can energize me or teach me something new or different.  I feed off that and it helps me give back in the same way.  I am also big on communication and love that feedback.  

Hottest thing a girl can do for you on V-Day? (can be a gift, doing something special, or more sexual, however he wants to interpret it)Take the lead.  Be open and communicate exactly what would make them feel good.  Nothing hotter than a woman who knows what she wants for herself and from me.  I am happy to go along for the ride.  Lol

What do you look for in a girl?To be honest, I need someone that can stimulate me mentally, who has goals and dreams and endeavors to be a better version of themselves.  Someone looking to be stronger than they were last year.  I recognize that I get a lot of power out of my partner which can then bring out the playful side of me. So I like to be around someone that is strong and motivated and can handle priority sets.  You want to have someone around that you connect with on a deeper level instead of purely sexual or physical level. That’s the most important thing.  With that, it can inspire you to be the better version of yourself.