We get candid with Shanni Mia / @shanni.mia

Heya Shanni, we’re so happy to have you. Could you tell our readers a little bit about where you’re from and what got you started on your journey into modelling? Hey  Thanks so much, I’m living on the beautiful Gold Coast. I started by doing photo shoots for myself and really loved every second of the whole process from glam to the shoot day.

In your career so far, what would you say has been one of the most memorable moments? So far, this Playboy shoot!

You have an amazing smile… what would you say is your best feature, and what is the most common compliment you receive? Naw thank you. I would say my eyes, I get a lot of compliments on how green they are.

Tattoos are sexy, how many do you have (we counted 4), and what’s the meaning behind yours? I have 11! I love little hidden tattoos, and they are all on one side of my body. If I go on a holiday, I’ll usually add a sneaky little tattoo for the memory.

Do you have any role models or cheerleaders, you know, those people that inspire you to do better? I’m obsessed with Gary Vee. He talks a lot about mindset, the importance of gratitude, ambition and patience. I listen to his morning walk talks every day. I’m most inspired when I’m travelling meeting different types of people hearing their backgrounds and how they are, where they are now.

What advice would you give to the girls looking to follow in your footsteps? I think the most important thing is your happiness. Surround yourself with good people and good energy and I truly believe you can manifest your wildest dreams.

Aside from being beautiful, and working on photoshoots, what’s your typical 9 to 5 day like and what are some of the things you’re getting up to these days? I recently left my 9-5 to focus on what I really see for my future. I have started an Ecommerce store and I do a lot of things online with crypto and NFTs, I’m a nerd for this stuff!

We see you’re into Web3 and NFTs, for those of us not in the know, could you tell us a little more about it? Yeah! So Web3 is a blockchain integrated internet where Crypto-currencies and NFTs are built into the platforms that we will use. Web3 being decentralised is one of the main points of it, it’s a tamperproof trustworthy way of keeping record and storing information. Crypto currency is any form of currency that exists digitally or virtually and uses cryptography to record and perform transactions, and you use this currency to purchase NFTs via the blockchain. It’s a lot! Always DYOR (Do Your Own Research!)

What are some of the things that are really close to your heart, they can be people, things, pets, even hobbies or interests…I come from a big family I have 5 brothers and sisters! I don’t get to see them as much as I would like as we live in different cities, but they are of course close to my heart. I’m super passionate about crypto and travelling and I’m lucky to live right near the beach which is definitely my happy place.

On a separate topic, it seems there’s lots of good times to be had in the tea room (a fitting name by the way). Got any fun stories to share? What happens in the tea room stays in the tea room. But I’ll spill a little tea- One of my best girlfriends and I worked together in an office role for some years (some funny conversations went down in that tea room) and once we started dating identical twins and we would all hang out together! It was a fun time.

Any shoutouts for the girls and bestie? Yes honestly where would I be without my girls, I’m so blessed to have the girlfriends/sisters I have in my life, they know who they are. ILY so much.

Also, it’s a wild guess, but is it fair to say you love to travel? And if so, what was your best trip memory so far? I LOVE travelling. I recently got involved with a NFT project called Beach Babes vs Exotic Apes which has a travel utility attached to their NFT and I got the opportunity to fly out to Miami and work at Miami NFT week. I met so many incredible and inspiring people. It was insane and so fun. I also got front row seats at a Miami Heat game which was one of the highlights of my trip, the vibe at the FTX Arena was like no other.

Got any travel spots still on your “gotta go to” bucket list? So many. I’d like to see more of California and I gotta go to Spain- I’ve been learning Española.

On the topic of travel, where’s more fun, Bali. Miami or the familiar coastal beaches of Queensland, Australia? Bali will always be special to me, I love it there. Fun though.. Miami.

Are there more fun projects that you are currently working on and if so, can you tell us a bit about it? I do have a few things on, one thing I can talk about is an exciting shoot/video for a Jewellery Brand called Dream Jewellery, there jewellery is stunning especially if your after custom pieces. Mostly I’m focusing on modelling, my social media accounts, my ecomm stores and my crypto portfolio.

Shanni, it’s such an awesome privilege having you here, where can our readers follow you to stay updated on your latest stories and news? Thanks so much, it’s been fun! My Instagram is shanni.mia and you’ll find me there.

Got any last words of inspiration you’d like to share with the people out there? Just always be true to yourself and know if you want something bad enough break it down into steps and you can achieve it.

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