Beautiful & Motivated

with Taylah Bennett/ @taylahbennett1

Taylah Bennett is an Australian model and fitness enthusiast ready to take the world by storm. Beautiful and motivated to achieve the highest degree of happiness and success, we sat down with the bubbly model to find out how it all started and her journey to this point.

Taylah We’re happy to have you on the cover of Playboy! Can you give us a bit of a background on your career as a model and where it all started? Hello! Thank you so much! I couldn’t be happier to be on this month’s cover! To be honest, this photoshoot was my first real modelling experience – and what an honourable first experience it was! This shoot was so much fun and a huge highlight for me, so I can’t wait to do another shoot again.

Health and fitness are an important part of your life, what are some of the things you love the most about competitive training? Yes, they certainly are! My favourite thing about training is that it is you vs. you. It is an opportunity to push yourself to places you didn’t think were possible and practice a huge level of self-discipline. Training is a time to switch off and push yourself to your highest limit.

Can you tell us a bit about your achievements in the fitness industry? Yes! I stepped on stage back in 2019 for a natural bodybuilding competition. This was a huge achievement for me as I proved to myself that I was capable of doing this. I was never sporty or athletic growing up, so it was a huge challenge for me to transform my body and mindset. I went on to become a qualified personal trainer as I wanted to help others to push themselves to their highest potential in a healthy way!

what does it mean for you to be seen as a strong, intelligent, ambitious woman? It means everything to me! I love being independent and not having to rely on anyone so it is important to me to have a strong mindset and know that I can achieve anything I set my mind to. I always admire self-made women and think it requires a great deal of ambition to go after what you want!

The Outdoors is a great love for you, what are some of your favourite outdoor activities? It is! I am lucky enough to live on the beautiful Gold Coast and obviously love enjoying our beautiful beaches. My favourite part of the day is my morning walk or a sunset stroll.

What does freedom of self-expression mean to you? To me, freedom of self-expression means being able to be your authentic self without fear of judgement or scrutiny. You could express yourself in the way you dress, your hobbies, music, or whatever makes you feel like YOU! I think this is also closely influenced by your circle so you should surround yourself with people that encourage you to express yourself and support you no matter what.

3 things that you can’t go a day without. A phone call to my Mum or a friend, some sort of physical activity, and caffeine LOL.

What are some of your favourite places to visit in Australia and why? I grew up on the Central Coast of NSW so I love to go home to visit my Mum and my friends. I also love going on trips to Sydney to enjoy some shopping and some of the amazing restaurants there. The Gold Coast definitely has my heart though as this was always my favourite holiday destination and now, I am lucky enough to call it my home! The lifestyle here is so relaxed and there is always something to do!

Now we’re sure you experience a lot of male attention on and offline, any advice you would like to give to men out there who are hoping to catch your eye the right way? My best advice would be to be yourself and down to earth. Sense of humour is a big thing for me so once a guy has made me laugh my heart softens a little. It also doesn’t hurt to be taken out for some yummy food and a cocktail haha.

What is the fastest way to put a smile on your face? Spending time with my loved ones! No matter what mood I’m in, being around my friends always makes me smile.

What makes you feel the sexiest and empowered? Getting glammed up and wearing an outfit that makes you feel your best definitely helps, but you should feel sexy and empowered every day, just being you! This feeling comes from the inside – remind yourself everyday of your power!

Thank you so much for sitting down with us and letting us get to know you! Any last words for our readers out there? Thank you so much for having me! This was such an incredible experience and one I am extremely grateful for. Yes – I never imagined I would be on the cover of Playboy, so this is a reminder that you can achieve anything, as long as you believe in yourself and don’t strive to be anyone else, only the best version of you!