Playmate December 2022

with Playboy New Zealand December 2022 Cover Star Miss Jade / @misslingerieaddict

Photography by Evan Richardson /

Can you give us a bit of a background on your career as a model and where it all started? I’ve been modelling most of my life. I am originally from California, so growing up I had a lot of amazing opportunities living near Los Angeles. I’ve always loved the creative side of it. 

Having a full schedule must make it difficult for you to get much alone time, talk to us about the top 3 must-dos to ensure you fit in some well-deserved down time? I’m obsessed with golf, you can most likely find me practicing my swing or on the course. The sunshine is my next best thing, anywhere I can find an excuse to be in the sunshine and being outdoors. I also love cooking; it’s been a big passion of mine. I can cook just about anything!

what does it mean for you to be seen as a strong, intelligent, ambitious woman? It’s empowering. I really admire and appreciate my supporters. I hope to inspire other women out there to follow their dreams. Don’t let the outside noise affect your goals, ignore what judgment and society says, stay focused. Keep pushing through when times are tough. There is always light at the end of the tunnel. If you work hard and are persistent, I promise you will get where you want to be.

Where are you at now, in terms of your career? At the moment I’m strictly focusing on my modelling, doing more shoots and updating my content to keep my viewers interested. I am currently in the process of rebranding my Instagram with all new content and photos. You can follow my new page on Instagram at @misslingerieaddict – Watch this space, for updates happening 2023.

We absolutely love your Instagram, your content is very dynamic, inspirational, and downright sexy, could you perhaps tell us what your personal experience as an influencer has been like? It’s been really great to be able to express myself. We touched earlier on what does self-expression mean to me and this is where it comes into play. Having the ability to put out an energy to the public by using captions to inspire others or express how I’m feeling. It’s fun to be creative and curate cool content. I’ve always liked things a bit more edgy but still classy.

What is the absolute worst thing a man can do to completely put you off? Talk about an ex or past relationship. It’s a huge red flag and massive turn off. The past is the past for a reason. I also find it cringe worthy when a man expects to go Dutch on a date. I believe whoever wanted the date should contribute.

Thank you so much for sitting down with us and letting us get to know you! Any last words for our readers out there?  I just wanted to thank all my viewers and supporters throughout these years for believing in me and showing me so much love. It’s been a really fantastic journey, and I’m looking forward to exciting announcements happening next years!