Sand, Sun, & Sensuality with Lily Aspen

with Playboy New Zealand January 2024 cover star Lily Aspen / @lily.aspen 

Photographer Mila Zvereva / @mila_zvereva

Stylist Lily Aspen / @lily.aspen

Makeup & Hair Lily Aspen / @lily.aspen

PR Firebird PR Agency / @firebirdpragency


Hello Lily, welcome to Playboy New Zealand. You are a famous influencer. Tell us about your projects. I’ve been fortunate to engage with a diverse audience through various projects. From starting my podcast on YouTube to sharing lifestyle insights, my content aims to inspire and resonate with viewers. Whether it’s spirituality, psychology, fashion, wellness, or travel, I strive to create meaningful connections and provide valuable experiences for my followers.

You like inspiring people worldwide, and some of your projects are connected with esoteric. How did you decide to do this? I’ve been meditating daily for six years. I am passionate about inspiring others and incorporating spirituality and esoteric elements into my projects allows me to delve into profound aspects of life. Exploring mysticism and spirituality adds a unique layer to my content, aiming to spark curiosity and provide a deeper perspective on universal themes that resonate globally.

Tell us about your incredible, beautiful photoshoot for Playboy New Zealand. How was it? I recently had the incredible opportunity to showcase the stunning Amangiri Hotel in Utah through a captivating photoshoot. Its breathtaking architecture and the mesmerizing desert landscape provided the perfect backdrop for creating visually compelling content. Sharing these moments allows me to deeply connect with my inner self and inspire others to explore both luxury travel and the beauty of nature.

When you’re not working, what helps you decompress and relax? When not immersed in my work as an influencer, I find solace in spiritual practices. Meditation, nature walks, and mindful reflection are essential for me. Balancing the high-energy world of influence with moments of serenity helps me stay grounded and authentic in my professional and spiritual pursuits.

What’s the strangest fan encounter you’ve ever had? One particularly memorable encounter was when a Russian fan recognized me and requested an autograph at a private lifestyle party. It was unexpected and awkward, so I made an inappropriate joke: “Thank God I’m not making love with someone during that.”