Inspirational Eva Moss

with Playboy Australia March 2024 cover star Eva Moss Instagram @eva_m0ss

Photography by Lesya Abbakumova | @abbakumova_l
Makeup Kate Starkey | @starkey_makeup
Hair Kate Starkey | @starkey_makeup
Stylist Lesya Abbakumova | @abbakumova_l
Fashion Honey Birdette | @honeybirdette
PR Svetlana Khachiyan | @lana_prme

Tell us about your incredibly beautiful photoshoot. Where was it done? The photoshoot for Playboy Australia gives a glimpse into my musical world, where the recording studio is the heart of creativity. It’s not just a room, it’s where my music comes to life, filled with emotion and significance. Here, I refine my DJ skills for exciting performances and compose my own music, bringing new melodies to existence. This process makes each moment timeless, ensuring the music resonates in people’s hearts forever. The studio session reflects my pursuit of excellence and passion, creating unforgettable compositions and sets.

Let’s talk about women in business. Do you think your beauty helps you in growing your business, or is professional experience more important? What’s your view? In a world where beauty often opens doors, I prioritize professionalism and expertise. While attractiveness may grant initial access, it is determination, resilience, and a commitment to excellence that ensures those doors remain open wide. My business philosophy centers on pushing boundaries, pursuing innovation, and delivering top-quality products. For me, this work is more than just a job it’s my passion. It empowers me to drive change and create something profoundly meaningful and lasting.

You have an IT education. What made you decide to start a business in a different direction? My background in IT has served as the foundation for my business. The combination of analytical skills and a talent for innovation has enabled me to explore areas beyond the conventional realms of technology. Venturing into a field seemingly distant from information technology stemmed from my aspiration to apply my knowledge in a distinctive manner. I strongly believe that this blend of technical expertise and a creative business approach not only opens new avenues but also empowers me to make a tangible impact on our world.

Let’s talk about your products. Who are your main customers? My clients embody the spirit of entrepreneurship, viewing our sugaring products as more than just cosmetics; they’re catalysts for unlocking their business potential. These products empower them to chart their own course, whether they’re running small home-based ventures or leading large companies into the global market. Sugaring, within our product line, transcends mere skincare, it represents an opportunity for individuals at every level to nurture and expand their beauty enterprises. I’m deeply motivated by the notion that my role extends beyond merely enhancing beauty, it also involves fostering growth and self-realization for my clients. In this symbiotic relationship, each product serves as a tool for entrepreneurs to paint their path to success and gain recognition on a global scale.

Is it challenging to be a leader as a woman in the chemical business? In my journey to leadership in the chemical industry, a sector where male dominance is pronounced, each stride forward presented not only a challenge but also an opportunity to demonstrate that women can excel in leadership, innovate, and drive industry evolution. I take pride in serving as an example of how female leaders can shatter stereotypes, biases, and expectations through expertise, perseverance, and a passion for their work. Along my path, I’ve come to realize that my presence and achievements in this field serve to expand opportunities for other women aspiring to leadership roles. It’s not solely about business; it’s about fostering a world where women can assume leadership positions and contribute to industry, societal, and global advancement.

You’re also a DJ. Is this mostly a hobby for you, or are you pursuing a career in this direction as well? In my perspective, the world resonates with a harmony reminiscent of a fractal, where each pattern adheres to the golden ratio, infusing life into both nature and art. With every melody and beat, I strive to uncover this harmony, crafting musical experiences that lead to profound soul transformations. My DJ sets and compositions are voyages through sound and rhythm, where each chord represents a step toward personal growth. Beyond setting the tone for the dance floor, I guide listeners on inner journeys, infusing them with light and energy. This musical expedition invites individuals into a realm where the intricate beauty of fractals enriches every moment. This fusion of melodies serves as my means of touching hearts, leaving behind traces of magic in the soul, and transforming each performance and composition into a beacon of genuine inspiration.

 What is your favorite music festival? And where do you dream of playing? My top pick among music festivals is Tomorrowland, a place where the enchantment of music permeates every corner, filling each space with a distinctive energy. Alongside major American festivals like Coachella and Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC), Tomorrowland provides me with the perfect platform to fully showcase my artistic expression, blending seamlessly with the audience in a shared rhythm of dreams and inspiration. Burning Man transcends being merely an event it’s a dream to headline one of its iconic show cars. This festival, alongside the creative freedom and self-expression found at Coachella and the electrifying ambiance of EDC, serves as a canvas for the most unexpected and avant-garde forms of art. In these unique settings, I discover an unparalleled opportunity to contribute to a diverse cultural and artistic landscape. My aspiration is not only to participate but also to actively shape these remarkable gatherings, ensuring that each performance becomes a journey through unexplored realms of creativity and connection.

DJs always have beautiful costumes. Who creates them for you? At the core of each of my performances lies not only a musical arrangement but also a meticulously crafted persona, born from my own imagination and creativity. I take on the role of costume designer, ensuring that each show is unique and deeply personal. My outfits are a reflection of both the venue where I perform and the emotional essence of the music selected for each event. Central to my stage personas is the fusion of natural female beauty with cutting-edge technology, evoking the image of a contemporary Amazon seamlessly integrated with the latest innovations. These futuristic, cyber-inspired ensembles serve as a nod to modern beauty standards, showcasing the compatibility of femininity with technological advancement. Each costume carries a message of strength, confidence, and infinite femininity, intertwining with the music to create a captivating blend of inspiration and beauty.

With which DJ or singer would you like to collaborate on a soundtrack? One of the most significant influences on my musical journey has been Nick Chicane, whose creativity has profoundly shaped my musical tastes. Since discovering his music in my youth, it has been a constant companion, continually expanding my understanding of electronic music. Chicane isn’t just a DJ to me; he’s a genuine musical genius whose tracks remain timeless and inspiring even after decades. However, it’s challenging to single out just one artist, much like picking a favorite movie. I prefer to think of it as a diverse array of favorite directors, each contributing something unique. Similarly, my taste in music spans quality deep house, trance, and techno genres.

Let’s talk about relaxation. How and where do you like to recharge? My mind is constantly brimming with creativity, even during sleep, where time blurs and dreams and ideas flow freely. In this continuous cycle of dreaming and creating, finding a way to refresh and rejuvenate isn’t just a want, but a necessity. For me, true relaxation comes from immersing myself in the music I love. Playing my favorite tunes brings me peace and restores my balance. Music isn’t merely a passion; it’s my way of life, my sanctuary where I can be myself while taking a break from the hustle and bustle of the world. It serves as my meditation, a wellspring of strength and inspiration that revitalizes me, leaving me energized and prepared for new creative endeavors.

What would you like to wish our readers? My dear friends, amidst the whirlwind of life where we all strive to find our path and purpose, I aspire to offer you more than just words. Perhaps my experiences and musical journeys can ignite inspiration within you, but above all, I extend an invitation to embrace a life overflowing with meaning and passion. Remember, dreams and goals aren’t merely distant stars we reach for; they also serve as guiding lanterns illuminating our path through darkness. I wish for you to never lose faith in yourself, to persist despite obstacles, and to find joy in every moment. May your life be adorned with vibrant experiences, profound emotions, and genuine happiness. Don’t hesitate to experiment, explore new avenues, and venture into uncharted territories. Each of us possesses the potential for greatness, and it’s your unique perspective on the world that can breathe life into something new and extraordinary. Live boldly, love deeply, and create with boundless inspiration. Be joyful, remain authentic to yourself, and let each day resonate with music that quickens your heart. Don’t be afraid to try new things, explore unknown territory, and see what happens. Each of us has the potential to do amazing things, and it’s your unique take on the world that can bring something special to life. So go out there, live boldly, love deeply, and create with all the inspiration you’ve got. Be happy, be true to yourselves, and let every day be filled with music that makes your heart race.