Sensational Stephanie Love

with Playboy New Zealand cover star Stephanie Love / @stephanielovesyouxx

Photographer Top Tier Elite Publications

MUA Stephanie Love / @stephanielovesyouxx

Lived all over the world growing up but settled in the Middle of the United States. Love traveling and going to as many countries as possible.

Describe yourself in three words Flirty, Bubbly, Driven.

Were you excited to shoot for Playboy? Absolutely. This is a dream Come true. Something I’ve always dreamt of doing but never thought possible.

What was it like starting out as a model? So exciting. I love being in front of the camera.

What would you consider to be your biggest challenge as a model so far? I should have waited to get tattoos. I feel like they hold me back with a lot of modeling opportunities.

Describe your perfect day off when you are not modeling. On the beach in Costa Rica. It’s so warm and beautiful there.

Do you feel more like a city person or a country person? I’m more is a city person because I like the convenience of having stores and places I go close.

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be? I would live one Hawaii.Perfect weather year-round and amazing hiking views.

Do you have a secret talent? I can lick my nose.

A guilty pleasure? Chai tea lattes. I drink a few a day.

Which song is absolutely certain to make you cry whenever you hear it? “Live Like You Were Dying” by Tim McGraw

What is your favorite word in any language and what does it mean? Love.

Any last words you would like to share with the readers? I meet and interact with fans. If you were to see me in public I enjoy hearing you recognize me and I’ll always be down to take photos with you.