Playmate Mia Ventura

with Playboy New Zealand April 2024 cover star Mia Ventura / @therealmia55 /

Photographer Barry Nadel


Congrats on your Playboy New Zealand Playmate Cover! What does this mean to you? A dream come true. I’ve always wanted to be a Playboy Playmate. It’s synonymous with beauty elegance and class. 

What do you think of when it comes to Playboy and the iconic bunny? Love it. I even got the Playboy Bunny tattoo on my butt. The iconic Playboy bunny is one of the most recognizable images in the world. 

Describe your photoshoot. Shooting with Barry Nadell was amazing. The studio set was arranged professionally. It was both of our creative directions. The colors and the mood were exactly what I had envisioned. 

Have you ever been to New Zealand? If not, would you like to visit someday? I’ve visited once as a flight attendant. Would love to come back and see nature and the animals. Would be cool to see where Avatar was filmed. 

Tell us about your background… Where are you from? Where do you live now? I was born in Israel, Jerusalem. I was even in the army as a young woman. I moved to Los Angeles by way of New York City four years ago and started modeling full-time. 

What’s your favorite color? Pink.

What type of music do you enjoy most? Favorite artist? I enjoy all types of music. I really like Classic Rock, EDM, and Hip Hop. 

Favorite movie of all time? Favorite actor? Hunger Games has such a beautiful set design and amazing acting by Jennifer Lawrence. 

Favorite drink? I’m a real wine lover. 

Do you prefer the beach or the pool? The beach is my favorite place to be. 

Read the book or watch the movie? Watch the movie. 

What attracts you the most in a partner? Sense of humor, intelligence, kind heart, selflessness, and sweet. 

Describe your perfect date. Going on a beautiful sushi dinner, especially omakase, and talking about interesting subjects in our current society or history.

If you could change any one thing in the world, what would it be and why? I would choose to have peace in the Middle East! That’s my biggest dream.