Ever so Fabulous Stepphy

with Playboy New Zealand June 2024 cover star Stepphy / @Stepphyxo

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We’re happy to have you featured. Can you give us a bit of background on your career as a model and where it all started I have Always been in the modeling and fashion world since it’s a young age. I think what really kicked off my career would be completely believing in myself and putting in effort. When I started traveling to the USA. I really found my feet and traveling opened the doors for me to work with some amazing world-renowned photographers and collaborate with many different brands while I traveled. I think that’s what really set off everything for me as a model and I can’t wait to see what else the future holds. 

How do you usually begin your day?  With food I eat a good healthy breakfast and go to the gym it completely sets my mindset to achieve for the day. I do check all my Instagram and my messages things like that my socials are a full-time job and I love it so much I’m truly blessed to have it. 

If you could spend a day doing anything you wanted, what would it be and why? I love fashion I dream of a day at Paris Fashion Week watching runway shows and wearing a different designer outfit for every show playing dress up all day sipping champagne looking fabulous surrounded by fashion and creative people. 

What are your favorite ways to unwind and relax when you’re not working or traveling? My favorite way to unwind and relax would definitely be the beach. I am from Western Australia so we have great beaches. Anything outdoors in the sun. At night time I like to listen to anything mindset-related in a podcast or podcasts about all things life from people I admire. 

Do you have any hidden talent, if so what is it? Oh gosh, that’s a tough one I’m actually not sure I do.  I do have a talent I’ve been a hairdresser for 22years atm I’m a barber and I am learning how to do a pretty good fade and line-up on a beard.

What’s the best place you have ever been to in the world? The best place I’ve ever been in the world would be Cambodia I did a charity project there the people touched my heart and I really loved learning about the history. I think that place has a little bit of magic very spiritual. Also would have to be the USA I just love it there. But I still have so much to see. 

What are some of your biggest dreams you hope to achieve? I think I’m achieving it right now honestly as a young girl I grew up watching Playboy Mansion and wanted to be a Playboy bunny so bad this opportunity is just one of my biggest goals ticked. I would like to spend a few years living in a new country own a fashion label and pretty much just be on every Playboy cover. 

3 things that you can’t go a day without. My family, the Gym and chocolate.

Looking back, what advice would you give to younger yourself? Do it sooner start earlier. Don’t worry about what other people think. Let new people fall in love with you every time you want to reinvent yourself and don’t hold back.

That said, what advice would you give to all the women out there when it comes to love and relationships? if you have a list put it in the bin fall in love experience passion experience romance and if he really loves you he has the rest of his life to Tick off every single thing on your list. I think people lose organic connections that are out there because they put too many conditions on what is love. when two people can’t help it, you’ve got the rest of your life to work everything out so stop putting the checklist on everything and just fall in love. 

Are there any qualities or traits you find particularly attractive in a partner and what do you value the most? Romance and passion I value the most. I’m definitely attracted to motivated people who are just trying new things and trying to get the most out of life. I like a man who is loyal can practice good self discipline hard work and funny. 

Thanks so much for your time, Where can our readers follow you on social to stay up to date on what you’re up to? Yes please follow me on Instagram @Stepphyxo and on my other platforms of OnlyFans and OFTV. Who knows might even have to join the Playboy club too. Thank you so much I love all my followers xoxo Stepphy.