Gigi Hadid Says Being Famous Is Weird


Gigi Hadid showed off her latest fashion collection with Tommy Hilfiger at the Tommy x Gigi show during London Fashion Week, and according to Elle, the event felt more like a rock concert than a fashion show. Not only are Hadid and Hilfiger rock stars in the fashion world, there were fans outside begging for tickets, and the show included live music from the Chainsmokers.

Hadid told the magazine that she has been seeing ads for the Tommy x Gigi line everywhere she goes. “I’ll be in the car hiding, because it feels like I can’t even turn a corner without seeing my face on a building or like, public transportation. And it’s so weird!”

Later in the interview, she is asked what the oddest thing is about being a celebrity, and she says, “I would say it’s strange to try to navigate and let people see that you’re a real person who really cares. It’s hard to try and let the world know there’s a lot about you and your life that they don’t see. It’s like your life has a backstage, and if people saw what we go through behind-the-scenes on a daily basis, they’d have more of an understanding. So it’s learning how to do your best, and make the best out of that weird situation.”

Hadid is famous all over the world—which is further evidenced by the fact that she’s on the cover of Vogue Japan’s upcoming November issue. There are two versions of the cover (above), which show her in bright-colored, fluffy hats. Fashion photography duo Luigi and Iango shot her for the issue, and captured some stunning images. There’s even a pic of her holding a puppy, and they both look equally lovable. (OK, maybe the puppy wins, but just barely.)

   Here’s a video montage from the Vogue Japan shoot: