From Cindy to Naomi: Five ‘90s Supermodels All Returned to the Runway at Once

By Lisa Beebe

As a tribute to Gianni Versace on the twentieth anniversary of his death, Donatella Versace involved five of the original supermodels—Carla Bruni, Claudia SchifferNaomi CampbellCindy Crawford and Helena Christensen—to walk the Versace runway in Milan.

Donatella Versace referred to the women as “icons,” and she told The Guardian that they had kept her busy during preparations for the show. “They have a green room each, but they are running in and out of each other’s rooms all day. And because they walk the runway together they are arguing about who gets to go in the middle, just like the old days.”

For the show’s finale, the women wore flowing gold gowns as they accompanied the designer down the runway to the tune of George Michael’s “Freedom,” a song Gianni Versace featured in his March ’91 fashion show. Naomi Campbell shared a video on Instagram with the caption, “Words cannot describe this moment.”

These women were household names before BellaGigi, or Kendall were even born, but Kendall Jenner seemed to realize the significance of the occasion. She Instagrammed a photo from the show with the caption, “SO FUCKING MAJOR.” Each of the original supermodels also shared images from the event on Instagram, including a few behind-the-scenes pics.