Italian Beauty Ines Trocchia

Photography by Brian B. Hayes
I was born in Italy, in Nola on 22/12/1994.  When I was 18 I started my career in Naples as a model, thanks to a Neapolitan designer who had noticed me.
In the summer of 2014 I became the face of  national campaigns such as Alcott and Zuiki, and then a year later I decided to move to Milan to pursue my modeling career.  In January 2015 I took part in ‘fit’ program on Channel 5.  Between 2015 and 2016 I Become the face of several national campaigns including Cotril chateau d’ ax, roccobarocco watches and did work for several TV commercials.  From February 2016, I began working in other countries such as France and Spain.
I love traveling, discovering new places and always meeting new people.  I get bored of the monotony, I always need new stimuli. I love sweets, especially ice cream, Italian cuisine and sushi, but I like to try foods from all cultures and taste new dishes in every new place.  I love animals, I have lived most of my life in the company of seven dogs and two cats.