These days, there’s a Netflix for just about anything, from craft beer to NFL jerseys, so it was only a matter of time before a luxury automaker started joining in on the subscription service fun. Leave it to Porsche—which recently announced its entry into the electric car game—to strike first.

The German manufacturer recently announced plans for a sports car and SUV subscription program called “Porsche Passport,” which will provide users with on-demand use of a fleet of luxe rides through its mobile app. The pilot program will kick off in the Atlanta metro area in November.

There are two membership plans: “Launch” and “Accelerate.” For the first option, you pay $2,000 a month to get access to eight cars, including the 718 Boxster, the Cayman S, and the Cayenne. Pony up another grand for “Accelerate” and you’ll have your pick of all 22 available model variants, including the 911 Carrera S, the Panamera 4S sports sedan, and Cayenne S E-Hybrid SUVs, among other drool-worthy sets of wheels.

You’ll need to download the Porsche Passport app for iOS and Android to apply for a membership, which will be dependent on a background and credit check and cost a $500 activation fee. Once you’re accepted, the service is super-easy: Simply use the app to request your next vehicle, including when and where you want it, and a concierge will come and deliver your chariot (and transfer your stuff, to boot). You can change models as often as you want, because Porsche’s goal is “to ensure you have the perfect vehicle for any occasion,” according to a press release.

So if you can’t decide between a super nice Boxster or an insanely nice Panamera Turbo to impress your date tomorrow night, the people at Porsche have your back … because they also have your money.