Back when I was a very cool teen and my only source of income was asking my parents for their money, I mostly just bought accessories that reflected my love of pop punk and its accompanying aesthetic, like Dickies shorts, Chuck Taylors, wallet chains, and shirts that said, “Mics are for singing, not swinging.” (I guess you had to be there.) I also loaded up heavily on cheap merch for every band I went to see, which explains why there are probably still jackets decorated with RX Bandits patches and Saves the Day pins buried in my bedroom closet.. undefined

It was a hell of a wardrobe, and it’s comforting to know that Marvel, a multibillion-dollar company, is now basically taking style cues from the 2003 version of me. The comic book conglomerate has teamed up with KAPITAL, a Japanese denim company, to produce two “deconstructed” denim jackets that are littered with patches representing many signature characters from Marvel’s universe.

Captain America rescuing a damsel in distress takes up most of the real estate on the back of the “Heroes” jacket, while logos for Spider-Man, Black Widow and Thor, among other good guys, line the sleeves. Meanwhile, a menacing red Octopus symbol—which warns of Hydra, the consortium of lesser-known baddies like Baron Wolfgang von Strucker—hogs up most of the “Villains” jacket. Conventional wisdom suggests you should choose Heroes, but on the other hand, Villains will make you look like you’ve been to more hardcore shows. Tough call.

Is there a reason for this to exist? No, not really. But aside from the occasional questionable call (sup, Thor: The Dark World), Marvel basically doesn’t miss, so it’s safe to assume the jacket will be a success. No word yet on pricing or availability, but get a closer look at HypeBeast.