LEGO has been riding a hot streak for the last few years, thanks to a successful film franchise that includes something called a “Ninjago.” (Ask a young person, I dunno.) In 2015, the Danish toy company even eclipsed Ferrari to become the world’s most powerful brand, per Brand Finance—a pretty impressive feat considering it’s been kicking since 1949.. undefined

Yet for all the LEGO movies, video games, theme parks, clothing and probably flamethrowers, all we’ve really ever wanted to do is ultimately stack a bunch of the bricks on top of each other and build cool shit. How many intricate, lavish LEGO houses did you construct as a kid and wish you could live inside someday? The only thing better than building a bonkers LEGO bachelor pad on the small scale is to inhabit one in real life—and now you finally can.

Earlier this fall, Danish architect Bjarke Ingels finally opened his four-years-in-the-making LEGO House in Billund, Denmark. It’s an absolute marvel made from more than 25 million toy bricks, where everything inside—from chairs to rugs to family portraits to the housecat—is pure LEGO. And to celebrate the opening, Airbnb is inviting one family to hold a private sleepover in the magical mansion.

The contest includes a private tour of the “Tree of Creativity,” built from six million bricks, and free time in the many Experience Zones, where you can send robotic cars flying off jumps, among many other things that are still totally acceptable for grown men to do, because how often do you get a chance to live out your dreams in a giant LEGO house, you know?

Your night will end where it always does: on a floating water bed underneath a LEGO waterfall. Just don’t get any wrong ideas about what you could do on said bed, because the house opens back up to the public the next morning, and you don’t want to end up on any lists or anything.

To enter, you’ll have to answer this question: “If you and your family had an infinite supply of LEGO bricks, what would you build?” (Giant LEGO drum kit, easy.) Send your best 500-character response to Airbnb before November 16 and if chosen, the rental site will fly you out to Denmark to crash the LEGO House on November 24. That’s Black Friday, but at least you won’t have to fight off any crowds in your own private toy store.