Donald Trump has publicly called Vladimir Putin many things in the past, such as “so nice,” and “could not have been nicer,” and a “nicer person than I am,” but I’m familiar enough with the Russian President’s resumé to know that he’s maybe not so nice? The ex-KGB spy is suspected of assassinating various enemies over the years, among other endeavors, which seems like this is a pretty open-and-shut case.

But hey, he’s funny! He rode topless on a horse once! Remember that? Such non-presidential pursuits make Putin something of a badass icon in certain circles, which is why a British luxury clothing brand has fashioned a rugged leather bomber jacket in his honor.

Matchless London recently unveiled the “Putin” (retail price: $1,699), which is built from a kind of leather that can survive in extremely cold conditions, like what winter must feel like in Russia’s Arctic Circle. The jacket is part of Matchless London’s ongoing “Heroes” collection, which has featured outerwear inspired by much less controversial manly men like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Marlon Brando, and Han Solo, who is fictional.

As for how Vladimir Putin classifies as a “hero,” we’ll let Matchless London managing director Manuele Malenotti try to explain: “We consider [Putin] a modern superhero as well, giving personal respect to his strong character, brutal image, sense of humor and calmness as a world leader,” Malenotti said in a press release. “As a 65-year-old, Putin rides horses, plays ice hockey, and practice[s] judo, among other things. This is not the usual routine even for much younger leaders. And yes, he runs Russia, the global super powerhouse.”

Yes, yes, he does! Glad we cleared that up. The Putin will be available for preorder in December, if you really think the jacket is that nice.